Version: 1.0.42


Note. To pull docker images you'll have to enter credentials (login, password) from your CAM (Comodo Accounts Management) account (Link: So, be sure you have AEP not expired license to has access for pulling on-premise images.

  • Download installer and run it from root user:

    curl -L -O && chmod +x installer && sudo ./installer

    Note. If you run not from root and started setup, please stop installation. Than run it from root user and start setup from very beginning.

    Configuration files will be stored to folder /home/[SUDO_USER]/itsm (if it's possible to get SUDO_USER) or /root/itsm

  • Look to console output. There will be information for access to installation in browser:

    • username (admin)
    • password (always new, you don't need to save it)
    • port

    Open in browser: http://{your_ip}:{port}/

  • Press the button "To start setup". You'll have to enter credentials from previous step. Than follow the instructions (Enter all necessary fields)

  • The last step of installation (working with docker-compose) may take some time. After on-premise has been installed, you'll see the message.

    Than you may stop running installer.

If something went wrong during installation or you see some errors, look to console output for more details.


On-premise installer also gives a possibility to update on-premise application if installation was executed by installer. In this case you'll see the button "To update docker images". Press it.